Your pool is fitted with a Filtering pump system, sand filter with multifuncional valve, electrical panel of manoeuvre, protection and programmation.

Salt water chlorinator 

The chlorine generator uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolved salt to produce chlorine, so we can obtain a better pool water quality instead of direct addition of clhorine. It also increases water purity and efficency of disinfection, prevents eye irritation and chlorine smell, another benefit is automation. 

Automatic cleaning 

Cleaning the floor of the pool it’s something that concerns every swimming pool owner, for this reason automatic cleaning is most recommendable. There are three different types of automatic floor cleaners: hydraulic, electronical and integrated automatic cleaners. Choose the one that best fits your needs! 


A pool is not only a place where you can freshen up..during the summer it becomes the very neuralgic center of the house, during the day the sun and the games takes center stage over everything while during the night..underwater lighting is the absolute protagonist!

Traditionally, halogen headlights/spotlights were used but now, more and more frequently led lights are in demand. Consuming less energy, you can change the color and give a special athmosfere to your pool!



steelglass provides you every kind of coating to enjoy your pool longer, accordingly to your finished pool.

We have a huge variety of measures, and the best value for money on the market. Feel free to contact us!